Automotive Window Tint

Prime CS         Prime XR          Prime XR PLUS





AZ Tint Pros offers three different XPEL automotive window films, Prime CS, Prime XR, and Prime XR Plus. Backed by a manufacturer lifetime warranty, these window films provide maximum UV protection, heat rejection, and IR protection.

   Prime XR PLUS

 This superior film blocks up to 98% infrared heat using multi-layer nanoparticle technology. No matter the weather or shade chosen, you and your vehicle will be kept cool. Ceramic technology means highest performance without sacrificing clarity and color.

   Prime XR

 This film blocks up to 85% infrared heat using multi-layer nanoparticle technology. Ceramic technology means highest performance without sacrificing clarity and color.

   Prime CS

 This film blocks up to 27% infrared heat using nanoparticle technology and will never fade or turn purple.

       Benefits of window tint

  • Reduce Heat- Reduce Heat entering through your windows, while improving your comfort in the vehicle and keeping your interiors safe from the sun

  • Blocks UV Rays- Blocks up to 99.9% of the suns harmful UV rays

  • Privacy- Choose a film that gives privacy, while improving the look of your vehicle

  • Minimize Glare- Minimize glare, and keep the sun out of your eyes

2 Door Complete Vehicle:

Includes 2 doors, small backside windows and rear

4 Door Complete Vehicle:

Includes 4 doors and rear window


SUV Complete Vehicle:

Includes 4 doors, 2 back panel windows and rear windows

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